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I help companies develop their unique and functional brand strategy and make it real through visual branding, web & ui design, sound branding and social media tactics. Based Munich, GER.

Sound branding &

advertising music

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Social media management
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Of course I can’t do it all by myself, so I created teams of pros & friends.

AZJ Beratung

Dr. Amrei Zopf-Jörchel’s practice for parents supervision and clinical-psychological counseling for children and adolescents in Vienna.

My role

Branding strategy

Visual branding

Web Design

Web development (WP & Elementor Pro)

In autumn 2019 Dr. Amrei Zopf-Jörchel started her own practice for parents supervision and clinical-psychological counseling for children and adolescents in Vienna.

Together we developed a strategy to show her professionalism, experience and trustworthiness through visual branding and web presence.

Since Amreis’ target group is mainly parents looking for support in their education, it was very important to evoke emotions such as calmness, acceptance, trust and professionalism trough the website.

Another key point was that Amrei was not a fan of the typical abstract art or posed photos that are popular with most psychologists in their practice or on their websites.

  • Communicating the intended emotions through minimalist design and use of white space
  • clearness through sans-serif modern typeface for body text and headings
  • professionalism through a classic serif typeface for the logo, subheadings & quotes
  • compact logo, which includes the full long name, with a subtle branding element that gives color and play
  • three accent colors
  • a series of digital illustrations, based on children’s drawings by Amreis nephews to avoid the typical abstract art


Handmade leathergoods from Munich.

My role

Branding strategy

Visual branding

Web design

Web development – in progress

(WooCommerce & Elementor Pro)


NOVOLEDER is a young family business started while looking for new perspectives by my parents and I in 2017. From a small and simple leather purse on Etsy, we’ve developed our branding and a user-friendly modern online shop.

In 2017 we’ve build our first WooCommerce Shop with a WordPress Theme. At first that was enough, but over time our requirements increased and the following optimization requests occurred:

  • buggy page-builder without updates
  • slow page-speed
  • few customization options
  • mobile design not editable
  • thereby a low SEO rating
  • light WordPress system with customization options and updates (Elementor Pro)
  • fresh online shopping experience with a simple & clean design
  • branding strategy progression through new visual elements and a deeper insight into the family and manufacturing process
  • usability improvements  (Page-Speed optimization, better mobile experience, clear product classification and a overall UI / UX revision)

adj. App

Let’s add more colors to your words.

My role

Personal project


Visual branding

UI design

​An app concept I have been working on since 2017 to expand my own vocabulary for ideas and critique.

Wouldn’t it be great if we, creative people, could formulate our ideas as colorfully and clearly as through picture & video? According to my research, I realized there was a lack of tools for artists, designers, art directors, etc. in this area.

One touch – a new adjective in your memory. Add your new find to a collection, share it with friends, or just keep discovering. Colorful, clear type & UI elements combined with a seductive big button makes the experience as simple and intuitiv as possible.


Team for modern sound brandings, advertising music & UI sounds.
My role

Branding strategy

Visual branding

Web design

Web development (WP & Elementor Pro)

A common project with a friend, musician & producer Tigran Surnachjan that started in early 2019.

The idea: A free and young team for modern sound branding and advertising music.

Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google are already a part of our lifes. And their development leads to a faster and simpler exchange (input & output) between user and software. Therefore companies and their products will have to reach their customers audibly without losing their individuality. For an improvement of a consistent long-term brand, sound logo, brand songs and user interface sounds are the most important keywords.
Our goal is to cooperate with forward-looking companies that want to be one step ahead of their competition and to strengthen their brand-awareness.

Since 2017 I worked as a freelance web & user interface designer and front-end developer for agencies from Munich to San Francisco.

Right now I combine my skills to help young companies develop their brand strategy and position it professionally through great design and online presence.
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Mika Novo
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