Best Youtube channels for designers

Youtube channels that helped me and will definitely help you as well!

Chris Do is a legend. So just go and follow the futur, watch all the next level content they have produced over the years and be grateful this source exist. For free!!!

Another legend of high quality educational content for designers is Ran Segall. Check out his channel full of tips especially for freelancers and his FLUX Academy. 

The entertainment & education cocktail you need. Zimri Mayfield videos are fun to watch without realizing you’ve just actually learned something.

If you are a designer that still doesn’t code with JS, PHP, React.js, JAVA, MAMA – you are useless. Become a fullstack design monster with Gary. DesignCourse will help you learn the basics so you can at least create your portfolio you’re working on for years. 

Level up your Photoshop and editing skills. Everything you need, should and must know. Over the years this channel has it all. 

Go learn something new!

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